I think my wife is raising socialists

After being gone to her parents’ house for a considerable amount of time, the first day back, our oldest had a meltdown.  My wife complained to me the few times that we talked that this was the case for the past several weeks.  They’d go do something, then he would break down and through a fit.  At 5 he needs nap time.  He traveled a lot, and he’s used to going to the pool and hanging with the grandparents for a bit.  I get it.  He’s in vacation mode.  The problem is mom want’s the vacation to continue.  She didn’t get enough vacation during the vacation, so she’s hoping I can help fix some of it now.  The biggest difference is I enforce my threats, where she doesn’t.  She asked me to do something with him.  I asked “What?”  She said, “have him clean up.”  There was a huge mess in the living room caused largely by his sister, but I’m sure he helped.  She was asleep, napping as a 2.5 year old should.  When he didn’t acknowledge anything I was saying, I counted to three, then turned the TV off as promised.  He cried.  He started throwing the fit.  She said this is what he was doing the past few weeks.  I understand why she’s tired of it, but I don’t know that she understands the cause.  He has been able to get toys and other items simply by asking.  While there is a time and place for “ask and ye shall receive,” there is a point where this becomes counterproductive and the child ceases to contribute, and only takes.  Hence socialism.  He has been fortunate to get many toys, and do some cool things, but he’s to the point where he expects it.  That’s not the attitude I want from my kids.  I’m getting ready to become the bad guy.  We’ll see how this goes.


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