Selection for Mating

Most of us look at who we dated and evaluated them on criteria.  Many of them individual to us.  For guys, it usually goes in some order of is she hot, will she send me to jail, is she hot enough to be worth going to jail over, will she stop being hot in the future, and how does she do with kids.  Maybe not the last part, but it should be.  I thought I had it worked out.  Before proposing, I met some of the neighbors that she babysat for growing up, and they seemed normal kids.  My wife was well mannered, never angry.  The kids were well behaved and seemed like she did well with their family.  Boy was I wrong.  When you have your own kids, the exposure time is much higher.  The other thing is, as long as someone else’s kids have as many fingers, toes, appendages and their eyesight when you give them back, most people are appreciative.  Now I know why.  They want a break, or their kids are already sufficiently normalized that they don’t worry about them.  Your job is easy.  I even babysat a few times for the neighbors.  Best job ever.  Higher per hour than any other job I had, they were old enough to bathe themselves, feed, and knew what time bedtime was.  That’s where you want to be.  Kid autopilot.  After having our first, she was overly protective, paranoid, and probably induced as much stress into everything as possible.  My suggestion, if you can’t marry someone rich that can hire a nanny they trust, shoot for combat experience.  Being shot at is the only thing that I think could inoculate a woman from the change after children.


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