Mawage is what bwings us togewer, todaaaay

The joys of marriage.  If you’re like most, you just spent the evening swearing marital harmony with your better half, and you’re ready to take on the world.  You tried to talk to everyone, drank enough to put alcoholics to shame, and managed to find your ride to the hotel after the reception.  You met 15 aunts and uncles you question wanting to be related to, and then there’s the new part of the family.  Thank goodness they don’t give tests on names.  Then again, that may be the best move if you really knew what was coming.  Your loving girlfriend that would serve your every wish, was ready to get hot and heavy as much as you, and laughed at all your jokes is about to transform.  Now she owns you.  The ring is a down payment.

There’s always the option of a guy I knew.  He met a girl.  Within a few days, they eloped, got married.  The honeymoon was spent getting to know each other.  Pretty soon she realized what the rest of us knew.  He’s an asshole. Short lived, but a nice little story.


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