This is a fun one.  We have no less than five strollers in the house.  My wife wants another one.  We started with the carrier stroller combo.  That’s one.  Then we bought the umbrella stroller for about $25.  That’s two.  Then we needed a running stroller, $100.  Three.  Then the umbrella stroller wasn’t good for around town.  She needed the designer one that was sturdier with the cup holder and under seat carrying.  Over $100.  Four.  Then we needed a dual seat running stroller so she could work out.  $150.  Five.  Now she’s talking about how the designer one is almost completely worn out (no it’s not) and she needs a newer one.  She almost bought a replacement on clearance for $55.  She wants to wait for a better price.

I think it’s genetic.  Our daughter isn’t three yet and she has two strollers.  We are down two from a garage sale, and we made a little money back from them, but all in all, it’s a net loss.  I still can’t access my truck because we replaced strollers with other things, or pulled other things into their place.  It’s the other Parkinson’s disease.  The crap we have will grow to fill the space allotted.


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