This is a big one.  If you don’t have one, I have to ask as Joey from Friends did, “what does your furniture point at?”  With kids it’s a whole other ball game.  Starting in the 50’s, the sitcom reigned supreme.  One TV.  One Show.  One Family.  It was that easy and the parents decided what to watch.  The kids got Saturday morning and the afternoons, adults got the news and sitcoms at night.  Then about Back to the Future, wealth spread, and there were now multiple TVs.  Now the adults and kids could have their own shows.  Cable TV grew.  Kids Channels.  News Channels.  Families could meet everyone’s needs.  With the 2000’s there were now big TV’s.  The biggest in the living room.  That’s the one the parents need to control.  The kids get it as a privilege.  My wife relentlessly cedes this control.  Our children think it’s there’s, and snaps at me if I try otherwise.  For a period I set the timer to go off at 8 PM, a reasonable bedtime so they would go to bed.  She turned it back on.  At least they don’t have TVs in their bedrooms.    They watch the one in our bedroom more than I do.  I don’t watch too much TV anymore, but when I want to, I’d like to avoid that whiny Caillou.


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