After diapers is the transition phase. After they figure out where to put it, the next challenge is making sure it all comes off. This is the challenge of wiping. While number 1 provides little challenge, number 2 is where it gets messy. There are flushable wipes. I would avoid these. It makes it too easy to get used to, then you have to transition twice. Don’t do what my wife does and allow the children to rely on you to wipe for them as their initial course of action. This enables the exact behavior we don’t want. If anything, challenge the child to try for themselves. If they’re making the transition at age 2 or so you can be more lenient about it than if they’re 4 or 5. The problem comes if this is a sign of other similar issues. As a mom, it can be hard to let go, but you have to understand how it hurts the child in the long run if they come to you for the simple problems, and they never get to tackle the hard ones in life. The children need to get used to doing things on their own without your help. If you’re worried about dingle berries causing irritation, then, and only then, as a parent can you check on them. The discomfort needs to be there. The attention needs to be delayed. If the kid has a bit of irritation, it won’t be the end of the world. They need to be coached to wipe until they know it’s gone. They will eventually figure it out. There is always cream to soothe the pain. If they are used to having you literally wipe their ass, they’ll depend on it their entire life.


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