Car Seats


This is a big one for independence, and a double edge sword.  Getting ready to go anywhere is always a pain when car seats are involved.  Vehicle options are limited unless every car is equipped with them, or you’re willing to take the time to swap the seat whenever you want to go somewhere.  Not like anybody does that.  On that note, if you can train the kids to buckle themselves in, you can now parallel process.  This is a concept my wife tends to undermine.  The oldest was in the habit of buckling when he got in.  Then I can deal with the youngest and give the oldest a check over, and now prep time is cut in half.  She’s teaching the kids that she’ll take care of them.  She needs to make them a little uncomfortable so they’ll take care of themselves.  This is a key reason she’s so tired.  With the kids aware that she’ll cave, they constantly ask her to do the menial tasks that they should be learning for themselves.  Yes, we live in the south.  Yes it’s hot.  Use it.  As long as the doors are open, the 2 minutes to buckle up won’t hurt them.  Just let them sweat a bit and figure out how to fix the problem for themselves.  Otherwise they’ll be 30 living in our basement.  Which is tough, because we don’t have a basement.


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