Dinning is a critical part of home life.  My home, like many others, I work and my wife stays home to take care of the children and most of the domestic chores.  I’ll often grill to give her a break.  The frustrating part is when there is no schedule or routine to this.  The routine one night, she came home from playing with the kids at the neighbor’s house to asking if I was grilling to its too late to grill to let’s order a something to you can still grill to me getting the grilling stiff ready to its too late to I’m not hungry after I came back for her to basically make up her mind.  Then she was upset about me yelling.  I wasn’t shouting.  I did raise my voice for a moment of frustration.  I hope this is understandable.  Just let me do something nice and even if it’s a bit later than you’d be like, a little gratitude would be nice.  If we had a set dinner time, I could plan and work the schedule, but when the kids play until a late hour, there’s no way to win.  Time to call for pizza.


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