Furniture should be functional.  I built several pieces for our living room and she hates them.  That is part of the reason I stopped building it.  I do not want to put my energy into something I am going to get criticized over.  In dollar terms, it is less expensive, burns off creative energy, and is a primal man-need to create something out of wood or metal.  Psychologists may say that it is because men cannot birth children that we want to build.  I say loud noise, sawdust, and making something useful is just cool.  I understand you want to spend $15K on new living room furniture, but it is just not going to happen any time soon, at least as long as I am the only one working.  Mentioning how much you hate it every time the kid spills something on the table won’t replace it.  The answer is to stop the kids from spilling stuff on it.


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