Baby Monitors

Baby monitors are the scourge of the devil.  As far as providing peace of mind they really fail at their purpose in my house.  The idea is the mother can be doing something else while the baby sleeps, and if there is any crying, the mother can be doing something else and rush to the baby’s side and soothe them.  That’s exactly what happens.  Instead of peace of mind, it allows for infantile heli-parent syndrome.  Instead of the mother being able to do something else productive for a while when baby is asleep, she develops super-human hearing and listens for any sign of rustling from the monitor.  Then she drops everything to find the child on the verge of crying, and breaks the cycle, pulling them to her and making the child even more dependent.  There’s no chance for the kid to evaluate to see if something really is wrong.  The mother solves all of the problems, and in the process makes herself even more sensitive to trying to meet EVERY need of the child, instead of the ones that are MOST IMPORTANT.  My advice is don’t get a baby monitor.  If it’s important, the kid will cry loud enough for you to hear on the other side of the house, unless you live in some gargantuan mansion, or they’ll get over it.  If someone offers to get a baby monitor, tell them to give you something useful like diapers or even better, cash or a gift card.  If they still get you a baby monitor, since you can’t shoot them, at least take them off the Christmas list.


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