Congratulations, you’re married.  You have a mate and sex partner for life.  Time to save money and cancel the gym memberships and be lazy with live-in maid service.  No?  Doesn’t work that way?  It really doesn’t.  Exercise is something that benefits you and your spouse.  It’s nice to give them something to look at, but it also burns off steam from the stressors in your life.  Sometimes those stressors are the spouse, but often it’s work, news, other people.  Burn it out and  don’t explode at your spouse.  The other thing is that exercise opens up the possibility of so many other options.  Training together, or going on greater adventures is so much easier if you’re in shape.  Don’t be afraid to get out and exercise a bit.  Build strength, build endurance, and push each other.  Exercise can help so many more aspects of the relationship than just the physical.


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