Lawn and Garden

I grew up mowing my dad’s lawn.  It was hot work, and because it rained a lot, it had to be done on a weekly basis.  Now that I have my own lawn, I don’t mind… as much.   It’s still hot, but nobody else is going to do it, and even at the meager rates my dad paid me, I’d still rather do it myself now.  I can use the tan and a workout.  My wife’s parents always had the perfect yard.  They have green thumbs and huge flowers.  That’s what she’s used to.  The problem comes when I worked all week, and she wants to spend the entire weekend in the yard.  In my mind, that’s when I want to look for a nice condo.  I want to own the yard, I don’t want it to own me.  Mowing is a constant requirement, though when it’s drier, we can wait a little longer between mowing.  Edging is the major point of contention.  The guy that came up with edging should be drug into the streets then shipped to Abu Dhabi.  The electric ones can’t get a long enough cord to reach all around the yard, and the gas ones are an arm and leg.  Not to mention, they’re all awkward to store and look like rejects from a junk yard brand new.  I’ll weed eat every once in a while, but my wife gets so uptight about the edging, Until someone makes a decent battery powered edger, I’ll let her do that.


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