Thank You Daddy

My wife told me that there’s an article that she agrees with that she shouldn’t tell me “thank you” for doing daddy duties.  Now we have articles that articulate actively not modeling the behavior we want out of our children.  That’s how I interpret it at least.  I changed a diaper.  It was a messy one.  She asked me if I wanted a thank you for it for what she does regularly.  The answer is “No, but it would be nice.”  I know I don’t change them often, but I’m also doing all kinds of other daddy things.  I’ll do home maintenance, yard work, and general earning of income to support our lifestyle.  Should I start not thanking my wife for “mommy” things?  No thank yous for cooking, cleaning, laundry, and taking care of the kids?  This road can go both ways.  Let’s be polite and model the right behavior for our kids.  I am invested in the kids, so I like spending time with them, but diapers are not my forte.  For that, it’s along the lines of breaking things, fixing things, and cooking dead things over fire.  In the daddy department, with young children I am an X-man.  I have the uncanny ability to have them go from mildly unhappy with me to everyone crying and asking for mommy in about 30 seconds.  That’s a big part of why I don’t delve too deep into those waters.  I’m just saying I’ll help.  I’ll do things, but I’m just asking for a little thank you every once in a while.


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