Child Care

In the absence of family living close, finding childcare that my wife approves of is nearly impossible. The first attempt at daycare for our oldest resulted in frustration for the care provider. The provider said she could not sooth him. My wife stressed the whole time, and after figuring for the cost of childcare vs. time available it was better she stay home. We’re not about to pay someone else to screw up our kids. We can do that perfectly well ourselves. As a result, my wife stays home with the kids. The main problem with that is she feels the compulsion to entertain them. That shouldn’t be her primary focus. As she cares for them, she should be helping them grow and become more independent. Now that our youngest can talk some, we had one date where we left the kids with a hired babysitter. The kids had fun, and they were well behaved. Maybe we need to do it more often. The problem is, after being gone for dinner, my wife had the strong urge to go home and be with the kids. It was a nice hour at least. Maybe now that the grandparents are retired, we can finally get some good, cheap child care.


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