Back to Football: Defensive coverage in the Parent Bowl

It’s that time of the year.  The Olympic torch is out, Ryan Lochte is making stupid mistakes that don’t nearly start international incidents, Usain Bolt is racing cars… barefoot, and the sport that takes the spotlight is football.  That aside, we hold a Superbowl in the house almost daily.  Kids vs. Parents.  Right now the two teams are pretty evenly matched.  With one kid, the sport is all about double coverage.  The weak defense quickly improves and the youth has to build cunning to keep up with the parents.  With the addition of a second child, the coverage now becomes man on.  The occasional carry of a red drink to the carpet gives up an occasional score, but the parent team can clean that up.  The game changes significantly with the third child.  The scheme changes from man on to zone, and now parents are split between multiples.  Adding more to the mix only increases the stress of the zone coverage.  This can lead to rapid saturation.  In that case, the best course of action is try and recruit from the other team, or at least get one of them to spill the playbook before each play.  That’s your best defense.


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