Zone D

My wife and I are expecting our third.  We weren’t planning on a third, but we’re now expecting a third.  For now it’s man-on defense.  I can pin the oldest, and she can hold the youngest, and when we’re both on the field, we can keep the other team at bay.  Now that we have another on the way, things will need to be different.  The oldest needs to be self-sufficient as much as possible.  He must be trained to spy to keep us informed of the other team’s plays.  We just need to make sure he isn’t the instigator of those plays.  The youngest right now tends to be the mess maker.  We need to move her out of diapers and get to the point that she cleans up after herself.  Then we can focus on the new threat.  We’ll see where this one stands.  Boys vs. girls.  Children vs. Adults.  We’ll see where it goes.  Either way, we must play on.  Nobody on either team will take a knee.  Especially during the national anthem.  It’s about to get full contact.


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