Thoughts on 9-11

In Church, the pastor talked about how everyone in the room could remember exactly where they were on 9-11.  Then I looked around, and realized how many young people there were in the room.  Those that are high school or younger likely don’t have any idea or memory of that day.  The youngest I would expect to remember would be college graduate age by now.  It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.  For the people we’re fighting, I would estimate less than half or quarter even believed the attacks happen.  Another half of that believe that it was an inside job by Israel or the US.

Most people remember the flags right after.  I don’t remember that because of the college where I was.  Instead of uniting, that was a period of isolation for us.  We were about 6 miles from town, and most didn’t have cars.  The world went mad.  That day changed the course of my life.  Things were different going forward.  It troubles me to see how divisive we are as a country.  From Mark 3:35, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  We must find a way to realize the common values we do share and heal again.

I just worry that the America that I grew up with will continue to deteriorate and cease to exist for my children.  She is worth defending, but those who have been defending Her are growing tired.


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