With Halloween coming up, the amount of candy in circulation is at its yearly high.  Lots of functions rotate around the basis of giving your kids processed sugar, then letting you deal with it.  Gee thanks.  It’s fun to dress up and pretend to be somebody else.  It’s fun to scare and be scared (in a non-threatening environment), but my kids really don’t need the sugar high.  We need to set limits on it.  The kids want to tear into every piece of candy and eat it all in one sitting.  They don’t understand the physiological consequences of that amount of sugar in the system, and there’s the pressure of being a parent and telling them they can’t eat anymore.  With the sugar, the quantity, and the consequences, parents often want to cave.  The children need to learn limits.  My wife needs to learn to help enforce them.  The impulsive tendencies developed by allowing for immediate gratification every time is counter-productive to their development in the long run.  If we can control how often these situations occur, they can be productive as rewards and special occasions.  If given too often, they lead to spoiled children, and poorly functioning adults.


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